The Global Owl Project (GLOW)

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This project is a long-term, worldwide project to advance foundational aspects of science and conservation for the world’s owls.

Work under this project is focused on seven tasks:

  1. Develop scientifically-robust survey & monitoring techniques for the world's owls;
  2. Analyze the molecular systematics and phylogeny of owls using basically mtDNA but also ncDNA;
  3. Acquire high-quality recordings of owl vocalizations, to assist in species identification & surveys;
  4. Compile original descriptions & photographs of extant & fossil owls, & an e-library of literature on the species; 
  5. Refine maps of owl species distributions & conduct global owl diversity analyses;
  6. Assess Owls in Lore and Culture through interviews & literature;
  7. Distribute project information via internet pages, publications, and symposia to a very wide audience, including national and international biodiversity programs.