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File Name Size Uploaded
Where an Owl Egg Is Worth More Than Ivory or Rhino Horn 383 kB Oct 17 16
Nepal Owl Festival 2014 Report 5545 kB May 12 14
Johnson et al. 2013. Artificial Burrows for Burrowing Owls - Users Guide V2 4195 kB Jan 09 13
Romulo, Chelsie L. 2012. Geodatabase of global owl species and owl biodiversity analysis. Master of Natural Resources Capstone Paper 1781 kB Sep 10 12
Jathar & Patil. 2011. Reassessment of the status of the Forest Owlet in its known distribution and evaluation of conservation issues. Final Report 2398 kB Feb 08 12
Acharya, R. and Y. Ghimirey, 2009. Assessment of status threats and the ethno-ornithological relationship and its extension for the conservation of Owl in Nepal 4644 kB Jul 16 09
Marcot, B., 2007, Unique Songs of African Wood-Owls (Strix woodfordii) in the Democratic Republic of Congo 202 kB May 21 07
Van Nieuwenhuyse, D. , 2001. Little Owl (Athene noctua), Oriolus 11957 kB Oct 16 06