Owl Hall of Fame

About the Awards:

Champion of Owls Award for people who have made this world a better place for owls.

Lady Gray'l Award for owls who have made a difference. Nature may have planned a very short stay on this planet for one Great Gray Owl chick in 1984, but thanks to caring biologists with an interesting plan that same owl spent a 21-year career touching the lives of untold thousands of people and giving researchers new insights into the life of the Great Gray Owl. Lady Gray'l spent nearly her entire lifetime living and working with Dr. Bob Nero, raising money for owl research through their hundreds of school visits and day-long stints in malls. Thanks to Gray'l, Great Gray Owls were plucked from relative obscurity to become the provincial bird of Manitoba . Lady Gray'l silently left this world on October 13, 2005. This award was established to honor her accomplishments by recognizing other owls following in her footsteps.

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