Global Owl Project Links

Team Member and Associate Links:

Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute - Mission: Promote, coordinate and carry out research that contributes to the conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity in Colombia.

Department of Biology - Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology (IPMB) - Directed by Prof. Dr. Michael Wink, Systematics/Phylogeny Team Leader.

Owl Pages - Website devoted to owls by Deane P. Lewis, Global Owl Project web development team member.

Owls... by Marcot - Part of "The Plexus" - a personal web page by Bruce G. Marcot, Ph.D. Research Wildlife Ecologist and vocalization analysis expert for the Global Owl Project team.

The Barn Owl Trust - A national UK registered charity based in southwest England which has been been doing practical and advisory conservation work since 1988.

Endangered Wildlife Ringtones - Features the calls of 20 rare and endangered owl species provided by the Global Owl Project.

Birds, Bats and Beyond - The Blog of author Jim Wright. With the help of a screech-owl cam, keeping watch on North Jersey's winged wonders.

Blakiston's Fish Owl - Research and Information about the Blakiston's Fish Owl by Jonathan C. Slaght, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota.

Other Links:

Red nacional de observadores de aves de Colombia - the national network for birdwatchers, ornithologists and ornithological associations in Colombia.

Asociacion Colombiana de Ornitologia (Colombian Ornithological Association)