Owl Species Citation List - Select Genus

The following lists of owl description sources were derived in part from www.zoonomen.net (special thanks to Alan P. Peterson, M.D. for his decade of effort on owls and other species!), and prepared by Alan Sieradzki, David H. Johnson, Paul M. Radley, and Deane P. Lewis for the Global Owl Project. These citations reflect the original descriptions of owl species and subspecies as they were newly reported to science. Following the scientific name is a citation; following this is the full citation. The taxonomic sequence used here is fundamentally Sibley & Monroe; modifications include:

1. corrections to data from Sibley & Monroe
2. spelling
3. authorial attribution
4. dates of citation
5. taxa added since Sibley & Monroe
6. rearrangement to reflect AOU Checklist (through 7th Ed.).

In the 30 months or so that we've spent tracking down these descriptions, we have downloaded papers from 9 online data bases. We have employed the co-operation of 10 PhD's, 4 senior researchers and 19 librarians of 13 Libraries, 13 Museums, 7 Universities and 9 Organisations from 15 countries on 5 continents to bring together 671 papers, published in 11 languages, culminating in a total of 1,589 pages of data. We now present this information to you, to help you in conserving the world's owls.

There are 225 species and 417 subspecies in the database, totaling 642. These are organised in 26 Genera.

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