Elif Göçer

Elif  Göçer

Research Associate - Base: Denizli, Turkey

Contact Details:

E-mail: elifgocer07@gmail.com

Elif is a biologist, based out of Denizli, Turkey. She has recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the Biology Department of Pamukkale Univerisity. While there, her graduate thesis study was on the diet of urban Long-eared Owls (Asio otus). She has been an active bird watcher for 7 years, and has been interested in owls for a long time. She has volunteered at bird ringing stations in Turkey from time to time, and participates in the winter water bird census every year. One of her projects involved a small study of nest boxes for Tawny Owls at troubled areas. With owls, She has seen their conservation problems and has decided to do something more for them, and has now joined in the ranks of GLOW. With GLOW, one of her first projects involves the Owls in Myth and Culture effort. She enjoys photography of wildlife with her camera and camera trap.